“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence itself, but to act with yesterday’s logic.”
- Peter Drucker



In our rapidly evolving, hyper-competitive world, your goal is to create an outstanding product, strong brand and to build your customer network. You need to innovate. You don’t always need to create something new but you can innovate by using your existing resources in different ways.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Innovation 360 to support the development of innovation cultures and make this a major driver of the businesses on our CNETT-HUB. The Innovation 360 Group helps companies to sharpen their innovation capability, generate and re-innovate their value propositions using customized tools and techniques.

As a CNETT member, you can join the CNETT INNOVATION CIRCLE and have access to conduct a full innovation audit of your company at an extremely reasonable price. This report takes a deep dive into a comprehensive, individualized evaluation of your company’s strengths and weaknesses in innovation potential and provides tangible recommendations on how your organization can sharpen its innovation strategy, leadership, culture, and capabilities.

An Innovation Circle strengthens the organization’s culture for breakthrough thinking, while indirectly fostering productive team dynamics and mutual trust. There’s effectively no limit to what you could solve at your next Innovation Circle.